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Hualien Harbor Police Department, National Police Agency


Public Security

Update Date:2020-09-28

Units:Hualien Harbor Police Department

Hualien Harbor is an international commercial harbor, but because the land is not broad, the geographical environment lacks spaciousness. Although the amount of commercial transportation during the year has had growth, because many non-container ships entering the harbor carrying sand and crushed stone, steel-making stone material, stone materials, and coal by mixed freighter, cement, and so on, the import and export volume is large. Consequently, the area of jurisdiction for the public security condition is extremely simple; however, when a merchantman approaches the shore to unload cargo, and the crew disembarks, there is still a possibility of narcotics, firearms or other control goods being smuggled on the crew jetty, or a crewman jumping ship.

Hualien’s recreation fishermen regard the eastern side of the Harbor as a good site for fishing. On several occasions they have gathered to petition for fishing spots, and even tried to enter restricted areas. After the Harbor Bureau and the Harbor Police Bureau met and consulted with them, things temporarily subsided, but whenever there is an election, some people seize the opportunity to drum up support for this issue, so the police’s concern for public security increases.